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Tim Kirk

Paid $500

Tim Kirk

Paid $500

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Paid $1000

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is the pioneer cryptocurrency first created in 2009. The BTC system is completely virtual and so there are no physical Bitcoin units. All Bitcoin exists as digital files that are stored in Bitcoin digital wallets. The BTC system also facilitates money transfers the same way other payment systems like Visa or MasterCard do. Hence, you can transfer Bitcoin to other users' wallets and they can do the same to you.

People can use cryptocurrency to send and receive payments for commodities and services worldwide. Bitcoin is a type of globally recognized cryptocurrency that is not regulated by any central monetary authority or regulatory body.


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Control the process anywhere in the world

Unlike conventional currencies like the dollar, the pound, and the euro, Bitcoin has several exceptional advantages. Bitcoin allows for a higher level of privacy, security, and integrity as far as financial transactions go. Additionally, cryptocurrency can be used to purchase commodities anonymously.


Purchase mining contracts and rent hash power from wherever you are

Our services are currently available in 70+ countries on different continents

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Check your miners and passive income state anytime from any device

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We guarantee instant and 100% safe withdrawals

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Choose Your Earnings

Our service packages are an opportunity to receive a stable passive income of up to 81% in cryptocurrency.


1 Year

Minimum power

48000 GH/s

Minimum rent

500 USD

Profit from 1K




Start Bonus

1 Year

Minimum power

96000 GH/s

Minimum rent

1000 USD

Profit from 10K



150% + 20%

FT Bonus

1 Year

Minimum power

192000 GH/s

Minimum rent

2000 USD

Profit from 100K



150% + 33%

How to start cloud mining?

It's easy to start investing with Let me cloud. Only 3 steps to get a stable income. Make your access to the best cloud mining wherever you are.

1. Make an account on Letmecloud
2. Rent our equipment to mine Bitcoins
3. Earn daily and Withdraw Bitcoin to your Bank account

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions

How do I benefit?
Letmecloud company has several data centers around the world, and each of them has new equipment that we rent. You rent mining equipment for 1 year. During the year, the equipment you rent is engaged in mining 24/7, 365 days a year. Every day, miners mine bitcoins, which are immediately sent to your balance and displayed in the dashboard. At any time, you can withdraw bitcoin to your wallet, sell it, or store it to sell it at a higher price later. Mining on rented equipment has a lot of advantages, including the absence of the need to purchase expensive equipment, cleaning, maintenance, and solving problems with the noise, heat, and damage to the environment.
What does the profitability of investing in cryptocurrencies depend on?
From the rate at the time of purchase, the rate at the time of sale, and the power of the equipment on which you are mining. We use the highest quality equipment.
Is my initial deposit retrievable?
Yes, LetMeCloud avails your deposit amount at the end of the year once your contract expires. The deposit amount is only inaccessible before your investment contract expires. If you invest $1,000, you will have about $1,400 profit + $1,000 deposit. The total at the end of the year will be $2560*.
Are your services available in every country?
LetMeCloud is available for UK residents and all European countries. For customers from other countries, please contact our live chat or email us.
What are the advantages of cloud mining?
Cloud mining is a good alternative to self-mining and has many benefits. Below you can see just a few of them: Ease of investment. With cloud mining, all you have to do is choose a contract that suits your risk profile, and you are on your way to making good profits. No technical knowledge required. Thanks to cloud mining, you do not have to configure the equipment yourself, carry out powerful ventilation and reliable wiring. Flexibility; When it comes to investments, it is important to have options that are customizable to your personal requirements. That is why cloud mining is beneficial to crypto investors as it allows you to select contracts according to level of risk, potential Bitcoin value, expiry date, and size of investment. This enables you to implement a more targeted investment strategy for optimal returns. Reliability. Managing physical crypto mining equipment is very tedious. This is because you will have to endure inconveniences such as overheating and persistent noise. Mining equipment is also prone to mechanical breakdowns, a fact that really makes mining using them unreliable. Hence cloud mining is a much more convenient solution as it isn't prone to mechanical breakdowns and heating problems. Cloud mining doesn't also produce noise or take up physical space. This effectively makes cloud mining much better for generating income from cryptocurrencies. High rates of return; As a platform, LetMeCloud's network has been optimized to ensure maximum benefits to our users. Therefore, LetMeCloud users can recover their initial capital within a period of six months. Yield rates on LetMeCloud are also adjusted according to changes in the crypto markets. Therefore, whenever prices of Bitcoin go up, our users get to earn extra income. Legal compliance; Many jurisdictions around the world require Blockchain-based enterprises to be legally registered. LetMeCloud is legally recognized and has fully complied with all statutory regulations governing cloud mining platforms. Therefore, our clients are not in any way at risk of contravening legal requirements.
What is the referral program?
Our referral program essentially acts as a reward system for our users whenever they introduce new users to our platform. Special referral links are generated and then distributed by our users to prospective members on various social media and communication platforms like blogs. Once new participants join the project via the links shared, the "referrer" gets 20% from all the purchases made.


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