How it works?

Cloud mining is not an extremely sophisticated process. With the right service to facilitate the process, you can have a very smooth and seamless experience.

Cloud mining eliminates the need for mining cryptocurrencies using certain hardware. One has to hire hash power from a cloud mining service in order to mine crypto minus the need for physical mining equipment. All clients have to do is to meet the cost of power, staff, and maintaining equipment.

The rewards from cloud mining always depend on the hash rate the investor purchased under the selected contract. The highest hash rate means the highest profitability in Bitcoin mining. Are you not sure about the reasonable hash power amount? Just remember that you can ask for assistance from the support team on your chosen cloud mining platform.

How to start?

How it works?

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Take advantage of this simple way to earn money. Save yourself the trouble of purchasing mining equipment. No more tedious bookkeeping, expensive electricity bills, or costly hardware repairs. Just select your mot preferred cryptocurrency and decide the amount you want to invest!

Initially after the advent of Bitcoin, CPUs were used to mine coins. Miners then advanced to GPUs followed by GPU mining farms. Eventually, they began using ASIC. Right now, you must create your own ASIC farm to remain ahead of the curve.

Developing an ASIC farm yourself has several challenges

The most significant merit of owning your own mining farm is that – no one gets to demand fees from you. Rather, you get to keep all the profits after deducting operational costs, etc. However, several demerits are associated with developing your own farm.

The most important one is the expenses. There are lots of costs you have to pay even when you have bought equipment already. You have to cover power bills, rental of premises, staff costs. Additionally, you take price change risks.

You will spend a lot on purchasing the requisite equipment. Besides ASICs, an effective cooling system must be put in place. You will also have to part with custom fees in the event you ship the equipment from abroad.

Every mining farm needs starting configuration and maintenance. You can save money if you are a professional in this field. Otherwise, you need to hire someone who can do it for you.

Electricity costs are exorbitantly high. The cost of electricity also varies according to where the farm is located and so some places may be costlier than others.

Most of the aforementioned costs is recurrent expenditure while the costs of purchasing equipment are capital expenditure. However, even the equipment may undergo mechanical breakdowns, necessitate repairs and result in additional expenses.

And while those might sound like a lot of expenses, there are also other associated costs. For instance, mining equipment must be upgraded frequently for you to attain a competitive edge over the competition.

Consequently, you must always keep in mind that the relative volatility and the constantly fluctuating Bitcoin prices pose a serious investment risk if adequate caution is not taken.

A particular algorithm is assigned to work with a specific piece of equipment.

As an investor, you must be mentally and financially prepared to cover operational costs even in periods of poor crypto market performance when prices are dropping.

Sky-high electricity bills

Hardware mining is a highly resource-intensive process. Get ready to deal with energy bills that could upset and even shock you.

Expensive equipment

The cost of mining hardware rises high along with the Bitcoin price. Installing and maintaining your own mining rig may cost you a fortune.

Lack of experience

Without adequate experience in mining, you may lack the knowledge of what to do to get optimal gains.

High exchange rate risks

Your profitability and state of passive income may be negatively affected by high volatility and unexpected spikes in exchange rates.

Maintenance that costs a lot

It is too hard and expensive to maintain a mining farm. And you should hire professional staff to keep the process going without downtime.

Mining pool

Searching extensively to find a mining pool is an extremely cumbersome and time-consuming task.

Cloud mining

Our primary objective is to empower people and ensure everyone can access cryptocurrencies.

To begin, set up your own account and purchase your first contract.

Use our optimized dashboard with a wide range of features to set up your account and buy that fist contract.

Purchasing hash power from us is very simple. Just set up an account and select the contract you find most suitable!

We have a special multifunctional dashboard that allows you to execute all these steps conveniently within the website.

All participants can take part in the LetMeCloud affiliate program and recruit new participants to invest as well.

You are entitled to a share of all the new participants that join through your referral link. The higher their investment amount, the higher your share.

Do you want to get started as an investor in the cloud mining field? Then here's your chance! With LetMeCloud, rest assured you will surpass your wildest dreams as far as cloud mining investing goes!

Top-of-the-range Equipment

We use the most innovative, efficient and high quality tools use top-notch tools in the industry for optimal results.

Minimal Electricity Expenses

Our data centers are located in Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Canada.

Security at its best

We use the most advanced security protocols safe because security is paramount for us.

Several Contracts

We have a variety of contracts for you from low-cost to high-cost contracts.

No fees

We do not deduct fees for cryptocurrency withdrawals.


Captivating & easy-to-navigate dashboards with a variety of features.

Round-the-clock Support

We have a team of highly-qualified experts at your service whenever the need arises.

Withdraw at your own discretion

We have availed several capabilities to enable you to withdraw funds in BTC or fiat currency.

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